Electric Vehicles - cheaper and more effective

In the conditions of financial crisis, a lot of drivers add economization to the list of musts in the profile of their new dream car. More and more people are also thinking of the damage motor vehicles cause the environment. However, few people realize that the market has already given them an answer to their needs - the ultimate combination between economization and ecology - Electric Vehicles. Moreover, they're efficiency is 85 percent, while the efficiency of a vehicle with an internal combustion engine is just about 20 percent. This means that from the capacity of a 100-litre reservoir, only 20 l are used in order for the motorvehicle to move, while the other 80 l are lost through friction and heat.  


Even the most economic conventional fuel costs a minimum of 8 € for 100 km. A litre of diesel fuel at a Bulgarian petrolstation is currently sold at 1.35  €. To go 100 km, an EV will use up to 15 kWh, which will cost its owner as little as 1.15 € (as the price of 1 kWh is 0.15 lv). The difference is nearly 7 times in favour of the electric vehicles. 


When it comes to EVs, basic maths have even more pleasant surprises in store - they are cheaper, compared to conventional vehicles, by means of annual expenses. For 50 000 km a year, a middle-class automobile needs 200 € for filtre and oil change, and uses 5440 € of fuel (given that the relative comsumption is 8 l/100 km). With the 100-euro insurance, 25 € for technical control and the 50-euro tax (which can be a lot more, depending on the horse-power: the owners of BMW 5 are charged 200 € each year), the minimum annual expenses add up to 5185 €.


In Bulgaria, electric vehicles are currently tax-free, cost merely 575 € to go 50 000 km (given that the relative power consumption is 15 kWh/100 km, and that 1 kWh costs 0.07 €). We just have to add 100 € for insurance and the total annual expense adds up to 675 € for a middle-class EV.

The following are selected examples of EVs by leading Chinese manufacturers. There is also a great variety of lower-class vehicles, worth between 10 and 15 000 dollars on the Chinese market.

Base model conventional vehicle - 10 000 € 


Цена за нов автомобил - кросоувър от 35 000 долара за базов модел/цената е с включен транспорт от Китай до САЩ/

Base model EV - crossover - 35 000 dollars (transport expenses from China to USA included)


Base model EV - $ 19 000 (transport expenses not included)


* Please, bare in mind that the members of the EU require a special certificate for the automobiles and EVs, manufactured in countries outside the Union, which can, to a certain extent, limit the options and increase the price of the vehicles. This goes not only for the Chinese-made cars, but also for those, manufactured in the USA, for example.