From Bulgarian Association “Polymers” Thanked to Viktor Azmanov

Thankful letter was sent from the management of the Bulgarian association “Polymers” to Viktor Azmanov, in his capacity as the chairman of the Bulgarian – Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In September the Chamber spread its position, signed by Mr. Azmanov that supports the demands of BAP. 

In the sector for producing of packages and polyethylene bags, were seriously concerned from possible bankruptcy, occurred by change in Ordinance of the Ministry of the Environment and Forests. According to it for each bag there should’ve been a production fee equal to the shocking 3000% of the product value. By it’s inherently, that ecologically unbecoming measure, didn’t account the modern European practice and the latest researches in the ecology sphere. The fate of one working industry branch in Bulgaria, was actually at steak, and that happened during the financial crisis, which caused the Chairman of BCCCI, Viktor Azmanov to take a unequivocal position.

He compared that measure with the drastic change of the conditions, made by the government in “green energy sector”. In this sector investments were made by partners of BCCCI, which the state previously was courting, before sharply, unjustified and unexplainable to change its behavior towards them.

Similar illogical behavior was demonstrated towards BAP members. Thanks to the wide support, from the Association prepared and submitted a petition in the Ministry Council, with request for annulation of the Ordinance, as well with other suggestions to the legislative and executive power.  BAP argued the need of one complete analysis of the social, economical and ecological effect from the introduction of the Ordinance.

As result from the held negotiations, changes in regulatory document were agreed, releasing from charging fee of the “bags for repeated usage”, meeting the requirements for minimum thickness and dimensions. The accepted decree from the Ministry Council № 239 from 1st  of October 2012, will allow the business to keep operating, even with reduced production. In that way thousands working positions will be preserved, in one working sector of the Bulgarian industry, are firm from BAP.

The thankful letter to Mr. Viktor Azmanov says: “BAP highly appreciate the landed support from BCCCI, during the information campaign. With your clear and categorically statement to protect the Bulgarian polyethylene bags manufacturers, BCCCI showed how responsibly must be protected the interests of the Bulgarian business and the care of one cleaner nature. Please accept from our sincere gratitude from our team, as well as from the behalf of the companies in the sector that we are representing”.