INPRINT JSC is registered in the Registry Agency, UIC 201741157. The domicile of the company is at 9 "Georgi Tringov" Str., Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

  The company is managed and repsented by a Board of Directors.
  The management team has more than fifteen years of experience.
   For its main activities INPRINT JSC relies on a team of motivated and skilled professionals.     Workers in the company numbered 70 people.

   The main business activities of INPRINT JSC are design, pre-press, offsetprint - sheet and rotation, rotogravure, flexoprint, as well as finishing processes.
   The production includes textbooks, workbooks, atlases, books, deluxe hardcover, magazines, catalogs, posters, calendars, leaflets, stationery, labels, paper and adhesive paper, packaging paper, corrugated cardboard, corrugated carton, flexible packaging of OPP, PE, PET, CPP, AL, paper and high barier foils, sleeve labels and PVC labels of OPP, aimed at a wide range of clients in the food industry, cosmetics, etc.

   The modern equipment and the qualified personnel are sufficient prerequisite for high performance and low cost of finished products, enabling the company to be competitive in the market.
   The ideology of the company includes secure and guaranteed quality control of production. INPRINT JSC has a certificate of quality management ISO 9001:2000 System for Food Safety, in accordance with food law and international standards ISO 22000 and HACCP.

  The company aims to provide full service to all its customers, starting from print materials (advertising), passing through the label, packaging and reaching the transport packaging,that actually is one ease from logistically point of view and allows evenly load of all the technological power.

  At the present moment in the company's portfolio of clients includes:
- Publishing Prosveta Sofia, Liebherr Hausgeräte
- Advertising Agencies :MAD, Kera, Infomaks
- Hypermarkets Kaufland, Lidl, Rila 1 JSC,Eco assorti
- Nova Trade, Gotmar, Zagorka JSC
- Crystal Sugar company , Pobeda Sugar company, Timms, Medovina, Kraft Foods Bulgaria, Citron, Day and Night
- Solaris 999, Hit M,Savimeks, Trakian bread, Ovi & Sari,Orizarna Pazardzhik, PinaDe, Heli 2001, Tervel Group, Simid, The Bakers
- Intrama Invest,Bella Bulgaria, Dennyto, Sammy M
- Aroma, Biofresh, Beit
- SPARKY Eltos,Trakya Glass, TED Mattresses
- Sodinal, Puldin Wine Cellar, Terra Tangra, Edoardo Miroglio etc.,
in the internal/local market. As well includes a small part of customers in the food and chemical industry in Romania, France and publishing and advertising in Greece.