BULMINERAL AD is a company  with wide range of activities.

It has extensive experience in the manufacture and supply of resources and equipment in the energy sector

  • Coal mining (in its mines in Ukraine)
  • Coal enrichment
  • Production of coal briquettes and pellets
  • Supply of coal for metallurgy – in Bulgaria and Black Sea Region
  • Transport of coal and other bulk cargo (by its own ships)
  • Design, manufacture and supply of equipment for energy and metallurgy
  • Production of bio fuel - wood pellets from biomass

"BULMINERAL" AD has a network of affiliates to support the distribution - in Turkey, Germany and others.

Production activities of "BULMINERAL" AD are concentrated in two production bases:

1 / .Plant for pellets, briquettes and feed granules in Ignatievo, Varna region. The factory is equipped with the most modern production facilities for production and packaging of wood pellets and feed granules from biomass for efficient feeding of horses, camels, cows, rabbits, chickens and so on.

2/.Plant for metal constructions and engineering in the town of Breznik, near Sofia.

The plant was commissioned in September 2013. Its total area is about 30.000 square meters.
It consists of fully furnished and equipped six stored office building and two workshops:
- Concrete hall for cold processing of metal - equipped with 32 machines of a new generation, offices, cantene, etc. on an area of 7000 square meters.
- Metal construction hall - a brand new area of 4000 square meters.
Manufactures various products - by customer requests - electric boards, bunkers, conveyor belts, bottom vibroelement ,etc.

“BULMINERAL” AD has ISO 9001:2008 standard certificate for trade with energy materials and products, design, manufacture and supply of metallic equipment, constructions and products.