The Bulgarian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCCI)'s members not only have certain rights and obligations, they become a part of two completely different cultures, which can be of great benefit to each other. BCCCI is not merely a link between the two countries, it is a bridge, allowing for all connections, information, contacts, activities and services to be exchanged quickly, easily and accessibly. The Chamber is a platform not only for Bulgarians and Chinese, but also for people and companies, who want to operate in either of the two countries. 

All legit kinds of entities can become Members of BCCCI - enterprises from every sector, manufacturers and service-provides, import&export companies, from large international corporations to medium and small businesses, registered on Bulgarian, Chinese or third countries' territory.

BCCCI assists the establishment, development and strengthening of Bulgarian-Chinese relations, as well as foreign relations to either of the two countries. Thanks to the high-quality professional exchange of topical information, the Members of the chamber can depend on: access to our information and contact network, fruitful delegations' exchange, the opportunity to successfully make their first steps in Bulgaria or China, for our Golden Members, on the other hand, we provide further assistance, participation in special political and business forums, reduction of prices on local and international level, etc.