China leads the global race in reform

In the aftermath of the financial crisis, when the global economic environment is undergoing profound changes, the effective economic management is more necessary than ever.
   The economies in the world, striving to overcome the crisis by improving its management realized that they had no choice but to take bold initiatives to accelerate and deepen its institutional reforms.
   The advanced countries are dealing with the elimination of deficiencies and weaknesses in its economic management that was exposed during the economic crisis.
   Emerging economies such as India, Mexico, Brazil and Russia did seek potential new growth by accelerating market-oriented reforms.
   The efforts to reform China, which is the second-largest economy in the world, are of great importance for the country and the world at large.
   In the last about six months, the Chinese government unveiled a package of measures to boost growth, including the removal of things subject to administrative approval, tax cuts for small businesses, decommissioning of excess production capacity, promote the development of modern services sector and implementation of the strategy " Broadband access in China".