BCCCI suggests the establishment of an Advisory Council for Bulgarian-Chinese cooperation

An Advisory Council for the Bulgarian-Chinese trade relations should be established at the National Assembly, said the Chairman of BCCCI Viktor Azmanov during a round table with members of the Bulgarian parliament, which took place on June 10, 2013. The meeting was organized by one of the political parties - Ataka, and members of all parliamentary represented parties were invited. The first assignment of this Advisory Council should be to prepare an economic strategy for cooperation with China, Azmanov explained and pointed out that the moment to work with China is now, but there are also quite a lot of problems on the way to this great opportunity. Such problems are, for example, the lack of awareness of the operational programmes and possibilities the Chinese government offers. 
The Chinese know Bulgaria for 3 things - rose oil, milk and Stoichkov, said the Chairman of BCCCI Viktor Azmanov. He explained the situation with the Chinese investment interest in our country, as well as the 12 points that China designated for cooperation with the countries from Central and Eastern Europe. Azmanov also pointed out the need of good adverstising campaigns for Bulgaria as a tourist destination. On the topic of Bulgarian-Chinese trade relations, he clarified: "The customs tax levels are so low, and the transport from Bulgaria to China is so cheap, that it is not a problem to export even mineral water". 
Another important issue was discussed on the round table - the price of electricity in Bulgaria. The price can be lowered significantly, if we only took advantage of the Chinese investvestment interest in this sector, said the vice-chairman of the Bulgarian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ilko Yotsev.