Bulgarian Neli Nanova in charge of the China section of the European Travel Commission (ETC)

The head of the Trade and Economic Affairs Office in Beijing Neli Nanova was elected chairwoman of the China operation group of the European Travel Commission. This decision was taken in Beijing and was supported by the member countries of ETC. Among Nanova's main responsibilities will be the development of contacts with representatives of the tourism sector in China. She will also be in charge of the development of the annual event schedule and the budget for European tourism advertisment in China.

Choosing Nanova was the result of 2-year efforts on behalf of the tourist department team, was the Ministry of economy's statement, cited by Dnevnik. According to the ministry, in the next few years China is expected to become the country with greatest source of international tourists. The trade volume between Bulgaria and China in 2012 adds up to USD 1.73 billion.