How to establish and sell our products on a foreign market - 4th business seminar 2013


Representatives of BCCCI attended the fourth seminar from the series of business events, organised by Enterprise Europe Network Bulgaria at the Applied Research and Communications Fund in partnership with the SOS Enterpreneurs Foundation, May 22, 2013. 

In the beginning of the seminar, Enterprise Europe Network Bulgaria's services for internationalization were presented, the accent falling on fairs. In the following section, the topic of discussion were the instruments for going international, offered by the Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency and the Bulgarian Export Insurance Agency. During the coffee break, the guests participated in the so-called SPEED Networking game, which helps enterpreneurs meet and get to know each other's businesses. The final panel was dedicated to the practical aspects of internationalization - how to establish your company on a foreign market. The specific example - Panteley Toshev Ltd. Co., specialised in the development and manufacturing of ingredients for the food and beverage industry, is an enterprise that has managed to establish itself and its Bulgarian-made products fantastically on the Asian markets. The presentation was made by the Marketing and Sales Director Borislav Toshev. After that, the focus was put exclusively on the Chinese market, by Plamen Todorov of the Sandanski centrе of Enterprise Europe Network. He talked about the possibilities, which the annual Euro-China Business Meetings offer to European and Chinese enterpreneurs. 

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