The White Buddha - the new documentary about Viktor Azmanov's life in Shaolin monastery

A documentary about the BCCCI Chairman Viktor Azmanov's the life in the legendary monastery of Shaolin broadcasted the national TV7 on Sunday, 21 April 2013. The title of the film is The White Buddha - a nickname which Azmanov earned during his 9-month stay in the mecca of Chinese martial arts. There he trained just as much as the Chinese monks and by choice shared the same severe regime as them, even though there is a special section of the monastery, allocated especially for foreigners.


Viktor Azmanov has been practicing martial arts ever since he was a child - first he started training karate, and then, thanks to his Chinese master Wang, he learned kungfu and wushu. In 2006 he got the opportunity to become the 6th European and the 1st Bulgarian ever to spend time training at the Shaolin monastery. Azmanov knew that this was indeed the path he was destined to follow.


The White Buddha documentary tells the story of the hardships and deprivation, as well as the spiritual strength and wisdom, a Shaolin monk's close companions.


This is not the first documentary film about the BCCCI Chairman's adventures. 5 years ago the Bulgarian National Television produced the movie "The Bulgarian from Shaolin".

You can watch The White Buddha here