Xi Jinping took control of PRC government


On March 13th 2013 Xi Jinping was appointed for Chairman of Peoples Republic of China from NPC Assembly formed by the parliament members.  In this way the process of power transfer to the Fifth new generation of Chinese leaders, was completed, the news agencies reported. 

Xi Jinping also led the senior military authority in the country – the Central  Military Council of China.

In November 2012, he was elected for General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communists party.  In this way Xi Jinping concentrated in his hands the senior party, military and state power. 

According to his words the most urgent problems that must be solved in China are the corruption, the formalism and the party’s bureaucracy. In order to be able to overcome these problems, above all we must have dignified conduct, said the new Chinese leader. 

The Chinese Parliament approved for new Vice-chairman of China (Vice-president) the 62 years old Lee Yuanchao. He is a former teacher. He becomes a member of the Communist party in 1978 and gradually grew in the party’s hierarchy to the Head of the organizational department of the Central Committee.