Bulgarian companies have the opportunity to participate in the International Synthetic Leather Expo in Shanghai

The Bulgarian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCCI) is gathering a business group to participate in the 3rd Chinese International Synthetic Leather Expo in Shanghai. The event will take place on 13-15 May 2013. This opportunity arose after the Head of Commercial and Economic Office to the Bulgarian Embassy Nelly Nanova, the Chairman of BCCCI Viktor Azmanov and the Chamber’s general secretary Stefan Kinov visited the China Plastics Processing Industry Association (CPPIA) in Beijing. CPPIA’s members include 4000 Chinese synthetic-leather manufacturers. The main topic of discussion during the meeting the Association’s headquarters was the development of the bilateral relations between Bulgarian and Chinese enterprises, operating in this sector. 

The opportunity of Bulgarian companies visiting the International Synthetic Leather Expo 2013 in Shanghai was also discussed. The deputy general secretary and second secretary of CPPIA  Feng Shujun, the head of the Festival department of the organisation Li Chao and the representative of the 3rd Chinese International Synthetic Leather Expo Ms. Wang Weinuo invited Azmanov to organise a group of Bulgarian synthetic leather companies and bring them to the fair.
During the meeting, the Chairman of BCCCI Viktor Azmanov explained the synthetic leather business situation in Bulgaria. Although Bulgaria does not have even one synthetic-leather manufacturer, there are a lot of companies that use it widely as a raw material – clothes manufacturers, shoes, bags, furniture. 
The demand for synthetic leather in Bulgaria is rising drastically every year. That is why the development of the synthetic leather manufacturing sector is very important for our country, said Azmanov. 
Viktor Azmanov also emphasized that the third edition of the Chinese International Expo in Shanghai ( is an opportunity for the medium Bulgarian enterprises to buy high-class synthetic leather at low prices, as well as to widen and develop the leather goods market in Bulgaria.
BCCCI is already in the process of evaluating the applications for participation in the Bulgarian business group.