The Chairman of BCCCI Mr. Victor Azmanov has sent a congratulatory address for the opening of the “Litex Motors” in Lovech

The Chairman of the Bulgarian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry Viktor Azmanov congratulated the management of the new car production plant near Lovech, constructed with an investment of the Chinese "Great Wall" company. In the congratulatory address Mr. Azmanov says: "Please, accept my correspondence, but sincere friendly greetings! I would also ask to be excused for having urgent commitments that kept me in The People’s Republic of China, so I am not able to join the celebration, prior to the success of the models produced in your factory. As a chairman of The Bulgarian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry I highly appreciate any initiative between Bulgaria and China. An initiative like yours deserves even higher grade, because it is not only of mutual interest for both parties, but will have serious economic and social impact in Bulgaria. I am convinced that the days of prosperity and partnership lie ahead! I wish you great success and satisfaction!"

On 21 February the Prime-Minister Boyko Borisov personally opened the factory. The ceremony was attended by over 1500 Bulgarian and foreign visitors – the ministers Traycho Traykov, Totyu Mladenov, Ivaylo Moskovski, deputy-minister Nikolay Nankov, the Great Wall Director, the Chinese ambassador, representatives of the local authorities, over 100 Bulgarian and foreign media. 

"I cannot be unhappy when we open up a venture, which will operate 2,000 Bulgarian citizens. I am glad that this manufacturing has a license for Europe and for every exported car the state will be getting a profit as well, "said Boyko Borisov.

The Bulgarian dream to produce cars is already a fact said the Chief Executive Officer of the plant Ilia Terziev. This investment is a huge step for the automotive industry in the country. The construction of the Great Wall factory is completed only on the first phase, which includes the final assembly workshop, the administrative building and the spare parts workshop. The plant is currently open for 120 employees, but 200 cars were sold for only ten weeks at the end of 2011, Terziev explained at the press conference right before the opening ceremony.

The first car produced by Great Wall in Bulgaria - Voleex C10 was presented at the opening of the factory. The owner of “Litex” Grisha Ganchev, the Chairman and CEO of Great Wall Motor Wang Feng Yin, the Prime-Minister of Bulgaria Boyko Borisov and the Minister of Economy Traycho Traykov cut the ribbon of the production plant together.

The plant covers 500 000 sq. meters and was pointed out as one of the most modern plants in Europe. The management team includes foreign consultants and managers with extensive experience in manufacturing and sales of leading global automotive brands. At full capacity the plant will produce 50 000 vehicles per year and is expected reach 2,000 employees. The cars that will be produced near Lovech are intended to be addressed to the Bulgarian and also the European market.