Xi Jinping- the new China prime

The newly elected General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Xi Jinping becomes also the new Chairman of the Military Committee of the Chinese Communist Party. That became clear after the 18th Party Congress, held in the capital Beijing. On November 14th the congress elected a new Central Committee and completed its work.

The former vice president of CCP - 58-year Jinping change both positions with Hu Jintao who was elected Secretary General and Chairman of the Military Council in 2002 and had completed his run.

Past President Hu Jintao will assume the position of Chairman of the Central Military Commission. Vice Premier Li Keqiang in March 2013 will become chairman of the State Council, i.e. China's Prime Minister - a post currently occupied by Wen Jiabao. XI Jinping and Li Keqiang will officially take their positions in March 2013 when their applications would be approved formally by All - China Assembly of People's Representatives (parliament).

Xi and Li both belong to the so-called "fifth generation" of Chinese leaders, who are about to rule China in the next 10 years with the newly elected Secretary General. They said the corruption accent is the problem that is in front of the country. The whole Party must be alert, Jinping told to the reporters in his first public statement after the 18th Party Congress. Among other pressing issues that the Party is facing Xi Jinping pointed its formalism and bureaucracy. To tackle these problems, we must first have a dignified demeanor, said the new party leader, who also called for imposing of a strict discipline maintaining close ties with the people. Many residents of China are hoping the stringent restriction measures and reduction of the "modern world" ties to fall and China to enter in new era.