Green energy will save the EU from carbon emissions

 Green Revolution will be able to save the European Union from almost all carbon emissions by 2050. Also the green energy will generate 3 trillion euros into the economy, says a report by environmentalists, quoted by  "Reuters". The change in the energy field will create half a million additional jobs by 2020.

 Order the "Greenpeace" and the European Council report suggests steps to using green energy with almost no carbon emissions. The steps include reducing energy demand through greater efficiency, increased investment in wind and solar energy and the phasing out of subsidies for energy, which releases carbon dioxide, such as that from coal.

 Another advantage that the reports are indicating is the opening of new jobs. The report says that because almost solely by the green energy there will be a leading  for opening of almost half a million additional jobs positions over for the use of conventional sources of renewable energy.

 Energy revolution requires political will and the report calls on the EU to reach an agreement with new targets beyond the 2020 targets for the reduction of carbon emissions by 20% and improving energy efficiency by 20%. The report calls for a mandatory target for Member States to 45% of energy should come from renewable sources by 2030, wrote the swebsite.