A plaque for contribution in the development of the Bulgarian – Chinese relations Viktor Azmanov handed to VTU’s rector Prof. Legkostup

At the official ceremony in University of Veliko Tarnovo was opened the world’s 359 “Confucius” Institute. The official guests were his excellency the Ambassador of People’s Republic of China Guo Yedzhou, the chairman of the Bulgarian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry Viktor Azmanov, Yuan Dzhigan, second secretary and head of the Educational department at the Chinese embassy in Bulgaria; Prof. Aleksandar Aleksiev and Prof. Gu, director of “Confucius” Institute in Sofia; a delegation from the University of geo studies in Wuhan City, led by the Vice rector Prof. Tan Hueimin. Among the guest were also the Deputy Governor of Veliko Tarnovo district Lubomira Popova and deputy mayor of the old capital Gancho Karabadzhakov.

Plaque for contribution to the development of Bulgarian-Chinese relations was handed to the VTU’s  Rector Prof. Legkostup from BCCCI chairman Mr. Azmanov. To the Director of the Institute Victor Azmanov gave as a present an authentic chinese mural with hand crafted tiger - a symbol of power. In his speech he congratulated the Rector, as well as Chinese team in VTU for their tenacity and enthusiasm, and for being able to win the trust of the Academy Han Ban, which is financing the Institute! Azmanov, whom is an advisor to the Rector, on issues related to China, and together with him is co-for  the establishment of "Confucius" Institute in the University, said that the Institute will provide also a Wushu center. "So this new academic unit will become even more attractive and appealing," he said categorically. At Mr. Azmanov’s invitation Russe School alumni "Callaghan" made demonstrations of Wushu and Tai Chi, which greatly impressed the guests at the ceremony.

Institute "Confucius" is an educational organisation devoted to the dissemination of Chinese language, greater knowledge of people from different countries about the Chinese language and culture, developing friendly relations and expansion of international exchange and cooperation between Chinese and the countries around the world. The project for the establishment of the Institute is managed and organised by National Academy for spreading of Chinese language and culture abroad “Han Ban” and Veliko Tarnovo University in partnership with University of Geosciences in Wuhan. This Institute already has it’s unit in Sofia’s University.