Viktor Azmanov will be a special guest at the opening ceremony for the Institute “Confucius” at the University of Veliko Tarnovo

The chairman of Bulgarian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry will be an official guest at the Institute “Confucius’s opening ceremony at the University of Veliko Tarnovo “St. Kiril and Metodii”. Besides Mr. Azmanov, among the officials would be his Excellency Guo Yedzhou, Ambassador of the people’s Republic of China in Bulgaria; Yuan Dzhigan, second secretary and head of the Educational department at the Chinese embassy in Bulgaria; Daniel Panov, major of Veliko Tarnovo’s Municipality, Prof .Dr. of philosophy science Boyan Bioltchev, chairmen of the National Agency for evaluation and accreditation; Prof. Aleksandar Aleksiev  and Prof. Gu, directors of the “Confucius” Institute in Sofia; a delegation from the University of geo studies in Wuhan City, led by the Vice rector Prof. Tang Huiming.


“Confucius” Institute in University of Veliko Tarnovo is second in Bulgaria and 359 worldwide. This is a non-profit educational organisation, aimed at the amplification of the Chinese language, deepening of the people’s  knowledge from different countries for the Chinese culture, development of the friendships and opening of the international exchange and cooperation with China and the other countries in the spheres of education, culture and economics, explained Mr. Azmanov. He, together with the VTU’s Rector Prof. Plamen Legkostup are the initiators for the creation of this link in VTU. This is a project of the National Academy for spreading of Chinese language and culture abroad “Han Ban” and VTU, in cooperation with Wuhan University of geo studies.  

Envisaged in Veliko Tarnovo to the Institute "Confucius" to function also a  Wushu Centre, which will be having a courses in modern Chinese martial arts, revealed Mr. Azmanov.