BCCCI Supports Bulgarian Association “Polymers”

Bulgarian – Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry expressed its support to the requests made by Bulgarian Association “Polymers” (BAP) to postpone the new product fee of 35 coins on each polyethylene bag. The fee is introduced with an Ordinance by the Ministry of the environment and water and will enter in force on 1st of October. The manufacturers of plastic bags have serious arguments against the claim that this measure is green, it become clear during the organised by BAP round tables in late September.  During these forums the support for this sector, was expressed even by members of the parliament. Because of this daunting change, the Business predicts a closure of factories, which will lead 6000 people laid off. With solicitation for delay of the ordinance and dialog with the industry, BAP organised and held a protest march. 

The Bulgarian – Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry had sent its position to the management and the members of BAP.  Part of the document says: “The forthcoming introduction of shockingly high production price, is practically is prohibiting measure for this industry and soon will lead de facto to bankruptcy in the sector. Such shocking change of the business conditions was experienced by our partners, investing in projects for Energy extraction from renewable energy sources, after the Regulation commission dramatically reduced the preferential prices for acquisition of “green” energy. This fact led to failure of the investors and actually darkened the image of the country as an attractive destination for investing.”