Viktor Azmanov, had greed the professors and students from Academy of economics “D. A. Tsenov”, with the opening of the new school year

Greeting address was sent by Mr. Viktor Azmanov to the AE’s “D. A. Tsenov” rector - Svishtov, inauguration of the new school year. As the chairmen of the Bulgarian – Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, he was among the official guests, invited especially for the opening. 

Through his greeting address Mr. Azmanov apologized for his inability to honor the ceremony on September 24th. Urgent commitments keep the BCCCI’s chairmen in Peoples Republic of China.

In his congratulatory letter Mr. Azmanov says:

„I would like to greet  all young people, that had chosen to receive their education in this University. As a representative of the Business I’m certain, that in the interesting times that we are witnessing, the well prepared economist and financiers have essential meaning for the public prosperity. With its impressive 75 years history, with its proven high educational level and the hundreds successful Bulgarians, studied exactly here, the Academy of economics has established itself as one of the best Economical Universities in Bulgaria.

I congratulate all the professors, whom year after year are sharing their knowledge and experience, therefor to give an excellent start in the professional development of their students. Please accept my wishes for good work! Successful school year to everyone!”