Victor Azmanov presented the cup to the winner in the semi-finals of the SuperCombat World Grand Prix

The Chairman of the Bulgarian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Victor Azmanov, who is a master of martial arts and a graduate of the legendary Shaolin School, presented the cup to the Bulgarian fighter Kostadin Kostov, winner of the semi-final in SuperCombat World Grand Prix. The gala evening of SuperCombat was held on July 7 at the Palace of Culture and Sports in Varna.


In the spectacular battle tournament, taking place under the rules of K1, participated fighters from 10 countries, including France, Croatia, Romania, Belarus, Great Britain, Turkey. Bulgaria was represented by Kostadin Kostov and " Kolio Ivanov representing Sofia’s club “Fight Spirit”. 

The winner of the semi-final in the "+96" category - Kostadin Kostov comes from club "Hera" - Stara Zagora. Kostov is a “Muay Thai” world champion. In the semifinals of the SuperCombat in Varna he defeated Rogava Tsotne from Ukraine. More awards and great success wished the Chairman of Bulgarian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Victor Azmanov, to the winner. Mr. Azmanov was very happy to hand over the cup to a Bulgarian athlete.

In the final match Kostadin Kostov faced the Romanian Benjamin Adegbuy. The Bulgarian fighter lost the battle, but performed very well. The fight was extremely attractive. The other Bulgarian fighter Nikola Ivanov lost in SUPER FIGHT from another Romanian - Reduan Cairo.

A total of nine fights took place in the official program of the event. Battles passed with a great success and were broadcasted live on a number of European TV channels. The competition was attended by some established names in K1. Among the fighters there were representatives of the Dutch School “Chakuriki”, founded by Tom Harinck, pointed as the best martial arts coach in the world. Harinck, who personally arrived in Varna for the gala-evening of SuperCombat, spent most of his time with Victor Azmanov. They held a long conversation about the future of martial arts as well as the level of preparation of the Bulgarian fighters.