Bulgaria signed two trade agreements with China

Two contracts between two Bulgarian companies and their Chinese partners were signed in the framework of bilateral business forum in Beijing.

The first contract is for machine equipment for metal casting with a Chinese company that is the largest manufacturer of aluminum wheels and other automotive parts and is over EUR 2 million.

The other contract is for software export of indexes for properties, announced BNR.

"These are machines even whole plants, lines, which will be shed for the first installation of Volkswagen, for  General Motors, for  Chrysler, said Anton Donchev, who signed the first contract on the Bulgarian side .

"This is a Bulgarian product. We're talking about very serious machines that we can say that they are world-class, with almost no competition. Trucks operate in "Volkswagen" in Germany, working in America, China has already about 150 machines that work on this technology, added Donchev cited by BNR .

The forum was joined by the Chairman of the Parliament Michael Mikov and the president of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) Wan Jifei.

He said that our country is an energy leader in Southeast Europe and added that he would expect the Chinese investment in this area, including nuclear, thermal and hydroelectric power plants. He expressed hope for Chinese investment procedure, including for projects related to the construction of a hydroelectric complex Nikopol - Turnu Magurele .

Wan Jifei said that many Chinese enterprises begin serious projects in the country. According to him, we have to work more to promote Bulgaria in China and China in Bulgaria to allow the business to understand the terms that are available for work.