Viktor Azmanov established a branch of "Balms Group International" in Beijing.

The BCCCI Chairman, Victor Azmanov, established in Beijing a new branch of on of the most prestigious law and consulting firms in the world - "Balms Group International". Among the five founders of the "Balms - Beijing" is also the highly respected Spanish jurist - Marquis Juan Luis Balmaseda de Ahumada. The Far-Eastern office of the consulting leader was registered in April 2011, but the official opening will take place in February 2012. It is expected numerous dignitaries to honour the opening ceremony of the Chinese office of "Balms", including the mayor of the famous Spanish resort of Marbella. "The idea is "Balms - Beijing" to become a due diligence partner of the Chinese Development Bank, which plans to invest in Eastern Europe," said Mr. Victor Azmanov.

The Chairman of the Bulgarian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mr. Victor Azmanov was born in Sofia and grew up in Gorna Oryahovitsa. He studied International Economic Relations in Austria and Applied Linguistics in the University of Veliko Tarnovo. He is well-known in China and revered especially following his nine-month stay at the legendary Shaolin Monastery. He is actually the only Bulgarian martial arts practitioner that has been allowed to study in the heart of the ancient school, rather than the satellites of the monastery. Because of his skills during his stay there, Azmanov was elected to represent Shaolin in competitions in various provinces of the vast country. He became a champion in three of these tournaments. Mr. Azmanov is successfully dedicated to business for the last several years.