Potential investors from China visited Veliko Tarnovo

The Deputy Mayor of Veliko Tarnovo Gancho Karabdazhakov met with a delegation from the People's Republic, which today visited the city on the initiative of the Association of Science and Technology from Hebei Province, North China. They discussed the possibilities of the town and the municipality for trade products with LED technology products, as well as exchanges and cooperation in science and development of projects in the field of lighting technology.
The Deputy Mayor presented the delegation the capabilities and the perspectives that Veliko Tarnovo municipality may provide for future investment plans and administrative steps necessary for the implementation of projects of a similar scale.
In the Chinese delegation consisting of six members were representatives of various agencies associated with LED technologies – the Vice President and Director of the Association of Science and Technology in Hebei Province, the president of the Association of Science and Technology in the city of Cangzhou and also Chinese businessmen.