China wants to expand the trade with Bulgaria

Bulgaria and China should expand the trade and economic cooperation, said at the opening of the Bulgarian- Chinese Business Forum Ambassador Wei Dzinghua. In the words of Ambassador Wei Bulgarian products such as yogurt, wine and rose oil have a good reputation in the Chinese market. Also with great potential are corn, alfalfa, dairy products and tobacco products. 
Sun Chenhay, leader of the Chinese business delegation urged Chinese entrepreneurs to cooperate with their Bulgarian colleagues using business opportunities in the fields of trade, investment and technology transfer.
The Bulgarian Deputy Minister of Economy and Energy Anna Yaneva thanked to the Chinese authorities for their policy of promoting Chinese companies to expand their presence in the region and particularly in Bulgaria.
Organizers of the event are the Bulgarian agency for the promotion of small and medium business and the Bureau for commercial development of China's Ministry of Commerce.
The Executive Director, Evgeni Ivanov noted that there is untapped potential for increasing diversification of trade between Bulgaria and China.