31 January, 2014:

Chinese New Year 2014

Date: January 31, 2014 Location: CHINA

Both in China and worldwide in Chinatown, the Chinese New Year is celebrated with large table around which the family gathers and with many rituals bearing luck. On the various places people organize various celebrations, some of which are necessarily parades with Chinese dragons and purple lanterns.

Many of the Christmas traditions come from the legend of Nian, the cruel monster that comes every year to plunder the people's homes. Once an old man appeared in the village and told the villagers to put red flags on the windows and doors to scare the beast, and the beast never came back.

Today Nian means "year" in Chinese and people's houses today are decorated with red decorations and ornaments. Chinese people remember and for those who for some reason have not been able to go home for the holiday, leave free space at the table for them. After dinner no one should leave the house because the good luck will run away. All lights remain lit. Children are given red envelopes with money.

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