22 May, 2013:



The Euro-China Business Meeting 2013 in Heilongjiang province, Tielin, Guangzhou and Hong Kong are going to take place 13-23 June 2013. The target sectors will be technical equipment and automobile parts, aircraft and railway industry, heavy machinery manufacturing, renewable energy manufacturing, import & export, legal services, accountancy, etc. The candidates to participate have to fill in their applications until 23rd May. You can find more information about the meetings in Heilongjiang, Tielin, Guangzhou and Hong Kong here (in Bulgarian).

Also as a part of this initiative, between 7th and 12th September 2013, a series of Euro-China Business Meetings will take place in Jilin province. The key sectors in this region are the automobile and railway industries, machinery manufacturing, green energy, agriculture and green food, trade, logistics, service, tourism, IT, electronics, health and medicines. The meetings are organised by the Jilin provincial government and the Macro Euro-China Enterpreneurs Club (MECEC). Around 400 Chinese and over 100 European companies, interested in the possibilities for partnership, will take part in the initiative. More information about ECBM 2013 in Jilin (in English):

- invitation

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